Challenges update – One year on

by MelanieHoskin

Due to a multitude of web hosting issues, and one horribly corrupted theme and plugin, there’s a whole stack of posts still to be uploaded from the past year.  That aside though, it’s time for a one year update.  Just over a year ago I started this whole challenge, and it’s been quite the year.  I’ve written a dedicated blog post to the ongoing legal ups and downs that we are going through related to Mum, and have made the decision to upload some of my journal posts on my battle with PTSD and complicated grief.

However, on a positive note, I’ve been making headway on the challenges – not least doing one of the biggest, most out of my comfort zone ones in reaching Everest Base Camp!  During that epic trip to India and Nepal, I also achieved two other challenges, one of which was a pleasant surprise.

Also completed was my challenge to help a Girl Guides unit achieve a badge.  I actually went further on that one, because I’m currently training to become a Unit Leader, and am jointly running a local unit of about 17 girls at the moment. There was a waiting list in our area, so my offer to volunteer as a unit helper on specific badges soon was upgraded!  At the moment we are prepping for our first camp and also fund-raiser at the Village Market, which I guess means I need to learn to ice cupcakes…

I’ve also made progress on many of my other challenges, so will keep you updated on those soon.