Manifesting a better state of mind (without drugs)

Manifesting a better state of mind (without drugs)

I must have heard the saying ‘surround yourself with high vibe people if you want to move forward’ so many times in the past, but I never really embraced that until earlier this year. If you’ve followed my journey on this blog, you will know that it’s been a long one since my Mum was killed three years ago. Sadly the legal side of that continues, and in March of this year, I travelled to Australia for what was supposed to be the trial. It was cancelled because, at the eleventh hour, the accused changed her plea to guilty. We’d never hear the details of why this happened (well we will, but not yet).

So I was feeling deflated, my self-worth was in the gutter (another post coming soon on that one), and I was emotionally exhausted when I returned home in early April. I briefly tried support groups, yet they were filled with deflated victims just like me, and it became a forum for anger rather than growth. Put a whole lot of hurting, grieving and angry people affected by injustice together, and it’s harder to move into a place of growth that actually can then make a difference in the world to resolve injustices. So I started to look elsewhere, and not only took a look through the many personal development books in my collection to find the ones that resonated – but then took action by joining their groups.

The first such tribe I joined was ‘Manifestation Babe’ by Kathrin Zenkina. I’d bought her book ‘Unleash Your Inner Money Babe’ the year before, but not followed it. Yet I’d always believed in the Law of Attraction (so much so that I was beating myself up that I’d attracted what happened to my Mum) and I needed to find that ‘faith’ again. After all, if I changed my mindset back to the appreciation for all the things I’d achieved in life to date by believing it would happen – when others said I was a ‘dreamer’ – I could get back to a more positive state (or ‘beautiful state’ as Tony Robbins calls it). The free Facebook group was high-vibe; however, it was half-hearted.  Like any free Facebook group, you get a mix and members that are not fully invested. I needed to uplevel. I thought about it and decided to try the monthly VIP membership (since discontinued). I liked the content and liked that group.  More importantly, despite being (technically) old enough to be Kathrin’s mother (if I’d become a Mum at the legal age of consent…!), I related to her.   She was studying initially her medical degree to be a doctor but wasn’t fulfilled.  As someone who’d also had high educational expectations of becoming a doctor, lawyer or something similar – but had then followed my own path, much to what I perceived as disappointment and failure from my Mum, I admired Kathrin for doing it differently and having faith in herself.

When the first Manifestation Babe Academy’ program opened for enrolment in May, I jumped at it. Four weeks to get back into a high vibe, slay some limiting beliefs and strive forward. Now I was away for two weeks of it, so I missed some of the Facebook lives, and I was behind the others, but I still found it a great re-entry. Did I achieve millions, manifest great things and be completely high vibe? No. But let me explain. When I enrolled, I was at the lowest point possible (ETA, have got even lower since). I had retreated away from everyone, wasn’t going out, had been seriously ill before the (failed) trial, came face to face with the person who killed my Mum only a few weeks before, and had effectively been told by a Judge and a Senior Prosecutor and a Victim Rights person that I was ‘worth less than the person that had killed someone’. I certainly had fewer rights and help than they did. In the Upward/Downward spiral diagram Kathrin uses in her course, I was definitely in the lowest tier of downward.  The ‘MBA’ moved me to the start of the other side, and on the lowest tier of the upward spiral  -which is a massive jump in 4 weeks!

That course then opened me up to more study. I enrolled in courses that Kathrin mentioned she had done/knew. Since then I’ve done all of Amy Porterfield’s program, invested in ‘The Copy Cure’ by Marie Forleo, joined Lewis Howes’ Inner Circle, and most recently joined James Wedmore’s ‘Business By Design’. I’ve started investing my time and other resources in launching the business I’ve wanted to do for over two years. I also did Rich Babe Academy in the most recent intake to focus specifically on some limiting financial beliefs.  I write this as I wait to check-in for my flight back to London from New York, where I’ve just been for the four days of Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’. I joined that via Kathrin’s contact and met other fantastic high-vibe Manifestation Babes, and we danced, sang and up-levelled as we were upgraded to the Diamond area of the floor. I even not only got covered in Tony spit but also high-fived the big man! My Apple Watch went crazy. You’d think on a four day, nearly 14 hours a day (on average) seminar, that your watch would keep buzzing with the ‘stand up’ message. But no, mine kept completing activity circles. My health insurance (I get points for an activity via my watch) rang me to ask if there was a fault as I’d averaged 10 miles/20,000 steps a day. Yet, I barely left the floor of that stadium. I smashed through more of the limiting beliefs.

Could I have done that at UPW alone? Well yes, but as I’d done loads of prep through Manifestation Babe, I was able to go further. More importantly, I’d already smashed the beliefs that would have prevented me from dancing and going ‘full out’. Old me had always put off coming to America & New York, yet here I was, hugging people, dancing and singing at the top of my voice.  I’ve now set myself the target of joining Tony Robbins Platinum Partners in 2019, so I can uplevel even more. I’m also hoping to go to Business By Design Live in California in January.

Most importantly, I’ve worked out how to tell myself that I can do what I want, and I’ve got a plan for action in all areas – including the ones relating to what happened to Mum (without completing forgetting it – otherwise it will happen again to others).  So if you are on the fence about investing in yourself, and joining high-vibe groups because you are worried about change, or it won’t work, I definitely am proof that it can help with anything. You just need to show up and do the work.